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Welcome to Prime Matter Consulting

Management and Scientific Consulting

Here at Prime Matter Consulting we aim to bring innovative, thoughtful solutions to meet our clients' needs. Other consulting firms will bring you workers, here we bring you thinkers.

Our multidisciplinary team is experienced in taking on challenges from a variety of sectors. We are here to present solutions, not just talk about your problems.

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About Us

In alchemy, the materia prima (prime matter) was the essential element needed to undertake the magnum opus, the great work of creating the Philosopher's Stone. This legendary substance could transform metals like lead or mercury into the finest gold and silver, also holding the secrets for achieving immortality through the elixir of life.

The Philosopher's Stone has since then become a symbol of enlightenment, of perfection at its finest. Myths and legends are powerful motivators, and we aim to inspire and we aspire to do great work. 

Prime Matter Consulting, through its experienced and dedicated team will work to transform your challenges into opportunities, your handicaps into advantages, creating innovative and visionary outputs, bringing your organisation to new frontiers. Most of our clients work with non-disclosure agreements so here at Prime Matter you can be sure that we take confidentiality very seriously.

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Miguel Galaz, M.A., Executive MBA

Managing Partner

With an approach that goes above and beyond, Miguel is proactive and dedicated. Miguel's experience as a process and business improvement manager, managing projects for over a decade at the largest telecommunications provider in Portugal, or as a part-time consultant to numerous enterprises throughout the years, makes him skilled in out-of-the-box operational solutions that aim to bring something new to the table.

With an international academic and professional background, he earned his Masters in International Relations from one of the leading Business Schools in Europe (IE), built upon a strong liberal arts education in Philosophy earned previously in the United States of America. He also currently completed an Executive MBA program in order to bring you a well-rounded professional.

Having spent most of his life abroad, Miguel is keenly aware of the importance of understanding different points-of-view, working with and across different cultures, all of which helps him stand out in team efforts.

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Rosa Direito, M.Sc., Ph.D.

Scientific Director & Partner

A grant-winning Research Scientist, trained and worked in some of the finest academic and research institutions in Portugal. A B.Sc. and M.Sc. in Biochemistry followed up with a Ph.D. in Pharmacy coupled with two Post-doctorates, makes her a very flexible and dynamic manager with an expansive working record, both inside and outside the lab. 

An expert in handling multi-faceted projects and a natural leader that constantly motivates colleagues, especially given how today a large and essential part of scientific work is done outside the lab. A strong publication and research record makes her an essential member of the team thanks to her dedication, rigour, and sincerity. As Scientific Director, she has performed dozens of project proposal evaluations for various international research bodies.

Never shying away from a challenge, Rosa is deeply committed to scientific integrity, be it in evaluating projects, papers or theses, be it in the laboratory or in the university classroom.

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Prime Matter is a flexible consulting agency, which thanks to a multidisciplinary team, we can act across a variety of sectors and disciplines and we’ll do whatever it takes to get you results. Whether through general consulting work, project management or financing, we have the skills to deliver. Please take a look at some of our services below.



Management | Scientific | Political

Project Management

From the drawing board to conclusion

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Operations Consulting

We help you with the details you haven't thought of, finding ways to make your business operate better and faster

Scientific Management and Strategy

Helping bridge the gap between science and business

Science Student
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Business Improvement

Finding ways to eliminate redundancies and increase your bottom line

Project Evaluation

In-depth analysis of scientific and entrepreneurial projects

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Process Improvement

Looking deep into your processes and finding what works and doesn't. Nothing like a fresh pair of eyes to ask why things are the way they are.

User Experience and Customer Journeys

Mapping out your customer journeys from beginning to end, to better serve your bread-and-butter, your clients.

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Find out more about our services.

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Our projects are as multifaceted as they are interesting. They do have a common thread: we dedicate our best.


Akshar Foundation

Teach them how to save the world

After helping conceptualize the school's philosophy, we have provided strategic consulting throughout the development of the Foundation, including website, grant-writing, fundraising, and so on. We have also represented the Foundation at international bodies like the Human Rights Council at the United Nations.

The Foundation aims to create schools that act as poverty rehabilitation centres, providing education, vocational training, job placement, business incubation, basic healthcare, hygiene and sanitation, social work, clean food, and environmental remediation.

Beyond its pilot school, the Foundation has now been asked to implement the model in government schools, having already started with the first 5, undertaking another 25, with plans to expand statewide.

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